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Early childhood educational toys
Early childhood educational toys:

 1, ringing ring

 Three-month-old babies can play with the ring in one hand, and they begin to experiment with touch, feeling, sight or taste. Touch the hand and feel how it feels on the hand. Look at the various colors of the toy with your eyes, taste the taste of the toy with your mouth, and shake the sound of the ring to train the baby's hearing. The simplest of these types of toys is the first step in developing intelligence for babies.

2, colored balls

6-month-old babies are interested in everything that can be moved. The colored balls that roll can be the most attractive to them. When you push the ball with your hand, you will roll forward. The baby will crawl and chase the ball. If the mother can accompany Its even better to play with them.

3, building blocks

Eight-month-old babies have found a lot of things. They have already known toys, furniture and other utensils. They have learned that some objects are soft, some are hard, some are angular and some are round. In the face of the building blocks, the baby will start to use two hands. They know that the two blocks will make a sound when they touch each other. One stack on top of the other will be taller than a single block, and the blocks can be stacked into many different shapes.

 4, composite shape box

This is a toy used to train a child to observe the shape of an item. Through this toy, the child can recognize that a shape of the opening allows only the same shape of the article to pass. Through toys, children can understand the different shapes of daily necessities, and these toys are suitable for infants and young children of 18 months.

5, play sand

 All young children love to play with sand and play with water, and after 18 months, the young children know that they can't just put anything in their mouths, so they can let them play sand. Provide a variety of small tools, such as spatula, small rafts, kegs, etc., so that children can create creativity and build sand into various shapes.

 6, doll

 Two-year-old children have begun to have personality, and they have been able to express their love and dislike. At this point, they need a doll toy. If there are doll toys, especially girls, they can treat the dolls like mothers treat themselves, wash, dress, feed, and praise or blame the dolls.

 7, stack cup

 For a two-year-old child, the stacked cup toy is the most endless game, which can be stacked into a tall tower or reduced into a single cup. It can also hide small blocks or other small things in a stack of cups. Look for something. Through this type of game, children can know that some things are invisible, but they actually exist.

 8, picture book

 Two-year-old children have already met many things through eyes, mouth and hands. If you can find the items you know in the picture book, how much fun it is! Of course, parents can also teach children to know more through picture books. Many things. This kind of painting is of course simple in line and bright in color, and you can recognize what it is at a glance.

9, toy car

 By the end of the two years, the child has been able to basically control all parts of his body. He can drive a "car", can drive fast, slow down, or ride "Malaysia". If the "car" can carry some of their own small toys, and they can act as transport drivers, it is really fun. 10, pulling the animal toys, children will be fascinated by the "animals" that will move around, they will slowly understand that this rope has such a driving force, which is more than those electric battery cars with dry batteries. Have a sense of intelligence.
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