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How to choose educational toys

In order to make children happier or intellectually faster, parents buy toys that are out of age, but toys that are too functional may not please the children. Sometimes children don't use them, fear or frustration, but reduce their ability and willingness to learn. Many smart toys nowadays make the sense of accomplishment that is constantly in place enhance the child's self-confidence.


Most parents like toys, and how to fall is not bad. In fact, the durability of a toy depends on the thoughtfulness of the design, the method of manufacture and the fit of the material. Durability should also take into account the toy's durability. Many smart toys, even if they have many functions, do not take into account the correct guidance of children's desire to learn, explore and curiosity, ignoring the fact that children's attention is easily dispersed. Many children stay in one or two functions, which inevitably makes the child bored. Many parents often complain that their children just bought a toy and want new ones. A good toy should make the children happy to play, have fun, and play in the opposite direction. This can not only satisfy the child's characteristics of curiosity, activeness, and eagerness, but also play an invaluable role in promoting the development of children's brain cells.


The color, shape and composition of toys are important factors in attracting children. Beautiful color toys are not only easy to attract children's preferences, but also attract the attention of parents. For example, a doll that can be combed and changed clothes not only makes girls like it, but also develops the child's hands-on ability.

Differentiating people from the mind

Children of different personalities should be provided with different types of educational toys. For example, for more active and restless children, they can play with static toys such as blocks and puzzles, so that they can learn to concentrate and control their emotions and behaviors for a long period of time. For children with introverted and even solitude, they should play more electric toys, so that they can have a happy and confident mood in a relaxed and free atmosphere. In addition, for those careless, impatient, and unsocial children, you can also choose the appropriate educational toys, let them slowly correct some of the shortcomings in their character in the game.

How to buy educational toys

First, discuss with the child in advance what kind of toys to buy, after the store will not face the dazzling array of toys at a loss, but targeted purchase.

Second, the purchased toys must meet the age characteristics of the child.

Third, when buying toys, you need to listen to the children's opinions, meet their reasonable requirements, first ask the children what toys they want to buy, why buy this toy, parents can participate in the discussion, explain the truth, buy a child and like the most meaningful toys.

4. Parents should not use their own likes and dislikes as a standard to buy toys for their children. If they like ugly dolls, they will buy ugly dolls for their children. In fact, children have a sense of disgust with it, and do not want to add toys to children. meaningless.

5. Don't buy a cheap toy for your child because you are worried that the child will break the toy. It is not a pity to think that this is bad. Consider the role of toys in the development of children.

6. Don't think that expensive toys are good toys. In fact, the price of a toy is not necessarily proportional to its "efficacy".

Seven, buying a toy must look at the "value" of the toy itself and not whether it is beautifully packaged.
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